If you have any questions about development on Arbitrum, come to the booth and ask!

What is Stylus?

Develop on an Arbitrum chain with Rust or any language you choose.

For this hackathon, we’re excited to introduce you to Stylus! Through the power of WebAssembly smart contracts, users can deploy programs written in their favorite programming languages, including Rust, C, and C++, to run alongside Solidity contacts on Arbitrum. It’s over an order-of-magnitude cheaper and is fully interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Delve deeper into the docs here.

Network Details

Name RPC Url(s) Chain ID Block explorer Underlying chain Tech stack Sequencer feed URL Sequencer endpoint⚠️
Stylus Testnet https://stylus-testnet.arbitrum.io/rpc 23011913 https://stylus-testnet-explorer.arbitrum.io/ Arbitrum Sepolia Nitro (Rollup) wss://stylus-sepolia.arbitrum.io/feed https://stylus-testnet-sequencer.arbitrum.io/rpc

Arbitrum Stylus

Video Tutorial: Getting Started with Stylus